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Wychwood now offers on site training in the techniques for wetpour installation.

This allows any local authority or private contractor to become an installer (and repairer) of wetpour surfaces and also provide prospective clients with a local wetpour surface provider. We have adapted the conventional systems used to remove the need for specialized operatives and plant/equipment.
  • Materials are pre-measured to remove the possibility of mixing errors. Rubber in 20kg bags and Activator in 4ltr bottles.
  • Patented pre-coat system allows summer and winter grades for year round use and reduced cure times. Typical cure time 2 hours removing need for overnight security.
  • Pre-coat system has been proven to enhance bond strength and so improve performance of resultant surface.
  • Low viscosity binder allows normal open drum cement mixers to be used thus eliminating the need for expensive mixing equipment.
  • Simple installation techniques developed especially for our on the site training programme.
  • Materials can be stored until needed allowing improved scheduling of work.

A full installation specification is available upon request.