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Safetyplay patented technology produces inherently stronger and longer lasting safety surfaces than those based on conventional binder technology. 

Conventional binder systems 'cure' when moisture-curing polyurethane based pre-polymers react with air-bourn water.  This reaction produces a urea bond and releases CO
2.  Some of this CO2 is trapped in the curing polyurethane to form a weak foamy bond.  Curing times of conventional systems are typically greater than 8 hours to allow the CO2 escape.  This means that overnight security is required to prevent the surface from being damaged during its vulnerable uncured state.

On the other hand, Safetyplay uses factory treated rubber/EPDM granules that creates a strong binder/rubber bond without the release of CO
2.  Moreover curing times can be reduced to typically 2 hours, thus eliminating the need for expensive overnight security.

The Safetyplay system is designed to be mixed with conventional open drum cement mixers whereas conventional systems require specialist paddle/ribbon mixers.  This means that a Safetyplay trained installer can hire mixers from any of the numerous nation-wide plant hire firms.

Safetyplay safety surfaces fully comply with BS EN 1177 and BS 7188.