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Carry out your own minor repairs quickly and economically using our fast set repair kit.

The Safetyplay material used in repair kits is specially treated by our patented system to create a VERY FAST CURE, which reduces the time one is required to attend the site, a factor which has significant cost implications for small repairs given that uncured materials should never be left unattended.


Note. It is important to use the base course repair material when damage extends down to the hard sub-base. Using entirely topmix for such a repair will result in an area too hard which would not conform to relevant standards relating to impact absorption.
  • Kits are conveniently contained in a secure drum and contain the following:
  • 4 x 5kg bags rubber (more than twice the amount of some other kits available)
  • 4kg bottle of binder
  • 1 Litre tin primer (extremely important in ensuring long lasting bond at the interface between your repair and the existing material.)
  • 4 brushes for primer.
  • Application gloves.
  • Safety goggles.
  • Easy to follow instructions.